Welcome to BEJSC. This form must be completed by EVERY member of the club. If this is not done you will not be entitled to represent the club in any team or to use the club’s facilities. Most importantly you will NOT be insured. The membership renewal is due each September,with the Club membership and Football section fee’s being due, as well.


  • Please note that only one Club membership fee per member is required irrespective of how many sections / sports you belong to.
  • If you need to register more than one player, then you will need to complete the form for each player. However, please note that once you have registered the first player, you will be required to sign in to add more players. You will need to click the SIGN IN button below and enter your e-mail address.


The club’s aim is to provide the opportunity for children and young people to participate in sport and recreation, and to develop social and leadership skills within the community.


Bourne End Junior Sports Club
New Road,
Bourne End,
High Wycombe,

Sport for all

Under the banner, “Sportfor all”, we encourage children and their parents to involve themselves at all levels of sport and to have fun, either actively participating or as a spectator. There are currently eight different sports on offer to our 600 BEJSC members, including Basketball, Badminton, Canoeing, Climbing, Roller Hockey, Swimming, Table Tennis and of course Football.

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